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Jhoan Vergara Colombia

Jhoan Vergara Colombia

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Producer: Jhoan Vergara 
Location: San Isidro, Huila, Colombia
Elevation: 1650 meters
Variety: Pink Bourbon 
Process: Fully washed, multilayered fermentation (more info below)

Jhoan’s parents migrated from Cundinamarca to Huila in the early 90s after an uncle found success in Huila. Although Huila was a new part of the country for the family, coffee farming was not, as Jhoan’s grandparents were coffee producers in the north. The family started with about 15 hectares in total, beginning with just 2 hectares in coffee, and grew from there to plant up to 90,000 trees, almost entirely caturra. For the first 15 years or so, the family focused on local markets and commodity coffees, as the specialty coffee industry was still very nascent. In the early 2000s, Jhoan’s mother entered a coffee into the Cup of Excellence competition. Though she didn’t win, the family began to focus more on quality, and Jhoan started to learn more about coffee.

At just 15 years old, Jhoan left high school in Pitalito and began to focus on the farm and on coffee. He became curious about coffee, specifically where it ended up and who was buying it. This curiosity led him to SENA, the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (National Training Service), where many coffee producers learn agronomy, cupping, roasting, and basic brewing skills. At SENA, Jhoan met Nestor Lasso, which became a crucial friendship and partnership for the families and for Shared Source.

Coffee leaf rust, known as roya, struck the Vergara family farm hard in 2008. To combat the fungus, they renovated the farm with varieties that were more rust-resistant, higher yielding, and had good cup quality, starting with tabi and continuing to plant pink bourbon, gesha, caturra chiroso, maracaturra, and red bourbon, among others.

Jhoan has been experimenting for many years now, specifically seeking consistency and the ability to replicate cup profiles that he likes. These days, he works with a microbiology lab in Pitalito, separating microorganisms from each variety of coffee cherry to reproduce them, and then reintroducing those microorganisms to the coffee mass. When the microorganisms are applied to the mass (either as cherries or de-pulped coffee), they can work efficiently without as much competition from other microorganisms.

Jhoan says that the distinctive floral notes in his pink bourbon come from three processes. First, an oxidation (or uncontrolled “rot”!) of the coffee cherries. Second, controlled fermentation with microorganisms in a low-oxygen environment. Finally, a hot thermal shock allows the yeasts and bacteria to continue fermenting the coffee as it moves towards the drying phase.

First, cherries are picked and left in an open weave bag (tulas) for an initial cherry fermentation or oxidation process. The mass gets hotter during this process, and cherries are left for 24-48 hours depending on the weather and the brix. From there, he floats the cherries to homogenize the temperature again, and de-pulps the coffee, fermenting it in sealed plastic bags. He adds the microorganisms to the coffee at this phase. Finally, he washes the coffee with hot water—the thermal shock—which Jhoan says can lend more intensity to the cup profile.

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