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Decaf Cauca

Decaf Cauca

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Producer: Multiple Producers 
Location: Popayan, Cauca, Colombia
Elevation: 1700-1900 meters
Variety: Colombia, Caturra, Castillo 
Process: Washed sugar process

Ethyl acetate is a natural compound derived from sugar cane found in various beverages. This compound is used to circulate through green coffee for the purposes of decaffeination, removing at least 97% of caffeine. The process takes place at the Descafecol facility in Manizales, Colombia, which is closer to farms and reduces transportation and fossil fuel usage. Additionally, the availability of sugar cane in Colombia also reduces the need for imported ingredients. Compared to other decaffeination methods like the Swiss Water Process, Ethyl Acetate (EA) uses less water and preserves more flavor. This method retains the coffee's flavor profile remarkably well, distinguishing it from traditional decaf coffees. As a result, we prioritize sourcing EA process decaffeinated coffees and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Shipping policy.

We roast all orders on Tuesday and Thursday. Orders placed after 4:30am PST on Tuesday or Thursday will be shipped on the following roast day.

Please select a secure delivery address to send your coffee. All packages are shipped with insurance; however, this does not cover packages that have gone missing after they are marked as delivered by the carrier. Pastime Coffee is not responsible for packages that are lost or stolen.

Please email for any additional questions or concerns.

Roasting style.

All of our single-origin coffees are roasted as lightly as possible while ensuring full flavor development, clarity, and highlighting terroir.

Our blends, 4:30am and Sure Thing offer a variety of roasting styles and are engineered for consistency and reliability. Please visit those products for more information on those specific roasting styles.

Please note that our coffee should be rested for at least 7 days after roasting to achieve optimal results.

Can you grind my coffee for me?

Yes! All orders are shipped whole bean by default. If you need us to grind your order, please let us know in the notes section at checkout. Don't forget to also add your brew method so we get the grind size correct.